Stamped Street Style Feature: Chadswade

Mr. Chadswade is showing the people how to do men’s fashion daily.  I’m not sure what’s going on up there in Boston, it must have something to do with the 58 institutions of higher education in the region, because he is schooling the folks. When I spied his style, I admit I wanted to be a student!  That is why he is an official Stamped Street Style Feature!!  Thanks Chad!

Mr. Chadswade


Age: 26

City: Boston, MA

IG/Twitter Handle: @Chadswade


5 words to describe your style:  Creative, Versatile,  Weird (laughs),  Vintage, Swanky

♥ I agree with all of the above! I love swanky…I haven’t heard that word used in a long time, but it fits perfectly!  All five words fit your style…and in that order!

What style of clothes do you feel most comfortable in?  I feel most comfortable wearing vintage garments.  You can be so creative, and showcase your personality with that type of style.  That’s cool to me!

♥ Yes, that is cool. Vintage is a way of expressing individuality, and that you have Sir.  🙂

What do you feel your style says about you? How does it connect with your personality?  My style says confidence.  I’m actually a pretty goofy person, however,  I’m often told that I don’t appear to be that way at all.  So I guess it doesn’t connect with my personality after all.

♥ Lol, well maybe your style connects with the confidence in your personality, and goofy can transcend into being unique?  Hahaha.

What is your favorite color?  Navy Blue

What is your favorite accessory? A Watch… A man must always have on a nice timepiece!

♥  Men I hope you’re taking notes! If not, ladies take notes for your man…make sure he has a timepiece.

Where is your favorite place to shop?  NYC!

♥ But of course my city is your favorite.  It’s the best place on earth!!  (and I’m not being biased at all. lol).

What is your most favorite city to visit?  Hamilton (Bermuda).  The scenery is awesome, the food is great, the people are extremely welcoming, and the culture is fascinating.  It’s just a great ambiance overall.

♥ Okay okay, that sounds like a place to add to the bucket list!

How do you come up with an outfit? What are the steps you take?  I don’t believe that I have a specific type of style.  The irony is that’s exactly why I feel my “style” fits me.  I come up with an ensemble depending on how I’m feeling.  The first step I take is choosing my socks.  Once I put those on I am all set (laughs).

♥ Start with socks?  I’ve never heard that before.  But like I said earlier, I’m taking notes, so whatever works!!  You’re style is great Chadswade and we appreciate you connecting with StyleStamped and sharing your looks with us and giving us the inside scoop on your style!

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