Stamp It

Sometimes I sit and wonder how my shopping habits would change if I had the ability to buy whatever I wanted. Like, what would it be like to go into Barney’s and say “just throw it in the bag!” It would be amazing, I think. But on second thought, would it make me a lazy dresser? Would I become a label whore? Would I still be able to come up with innovative ways to make a boring outfit look cute or would my accessory game get weak? I’m not saying that if I had the chance to win a million dollars I would give it up due to the wonder of these here questions. But it does make me think…would I still be able to “Stamp it” the same? I think so!

Anyway, I have this dress that I purchased from ROSS last year that was a cute fit and flare color-block but it did not fit, it was too big. I paid about $20 for the dress on sale, which was a great deal because it was a Calvin Klein. I took it to the seamstress and had it taken in for $40. So all together I still paid a reasonable amount for a great lined dress. But…it was boring. It’s khaki and black. Therefore, it’s been in my closet for the past year, (yes, I got it altered and never wore it…) so I decided to wear it to work today. But even after a year in the closet, it was still boring (why wouldn’t it be, I know).  So, I did what I would usually do in a case like this, run to my accessories for help. And as always, they came to the rescue. It was an aqua blue necklace that I purchased from a second-hand store for about $10 that was the winner. At first sight, this necklace would not appear to go with this dress but I put it on and wa-la! The dress came alive. Then I borrowed a belt that came with another dress and paired it with shoes that also came from ROSS. I thought the shoes were a little too “matchy-matchy at first, but they worked (because they’re cute). Most of my friends can’t stand shopping in ROSS, it can be a cluttery mess, but  you have to know how to shop through the mess to find a dress! 🙂

Style Stamped_0018

Style Stamped_0002

Necklaces, as you know, are one of my favorite accessories. So I did a little shopping for you and guess what? You too can make a boring dress come alive with a little neck piece. And for a great price! I found so many cute necklaces at…wait for it…Forever 21. All under $20! Take a look:

Work It!

Now, being that is is officially Spring, go into your closets and grab several of those drab dresses and give them life by adding some color around your neck. You’re welcome.

Style Stamped_0015

Style Stamped_0026

Style Stamped_0031

What’s in your closet that needs some love? I’m sure there’s plenty! What can you do to Style Stamp those pieces?



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