Sprinkle in Some Spring

We are certainly not in full-fledged spring yet, but it is definitely trickling in…one day at a time. For instance today the high is 72 and raining, tomorrow it’s expected to be 60 with a low of 39, but sunny. This past weekend it was 32, cold and windy…ugh it was terrible! I’m glad to have put away my floor-length bubble coat, but I’m still rocking a coat, just not the same one that I would wear to Antarctica. On top of that, I need a scarf because my neck gets cold. The weather is so back and forth that I got a terrible cold last week that put me out of commission (hence the lack of blog posts) but I’m back now! Either way, although the weather is going through major mood swings, it’s still technically springtime. So is there a way to portray this in your wardrobe without risking your health or freezing to death? Yes. Yes, there is. And one store is making it super easy to do so, everyone’s favorite neighborhood store…Target! As soon as you walk into the store they bombard you with colorful scarfs and handbags in every spring color imaginable making sprinkling some spring into your wardrobe super easy!

Get Spring Ready Quick!

Accessories are the quickest way to help transition from one season to another, especially Winter -> Spring. These infinity scarfs double as the warmth we still need on most days while bringing the color we need to remind us, and everyone else that it is in fact, spring! The handbags are just well, adorable. You’d be surprised how easily it is to match these bright colors with almost anything. If you spend the majority of your week in an office environment like me, bringing a bag to work with some color will brighten up your commute, meetings, and your outfit.


Run to Target before they run out of these great selections borrowed from a fashionable springtime rainbow. And if you’re really into color, you won’t want to miss what Target has coming up soon…a collection collab with designer Lilly Pulitzer hitting stores on April 19th.
Target Spring Style Stamped




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    Idk why I refuse to wear scarves in April when my neck definitely stays cold too…I think it’s just wishful thinking lol. This is the second time I’ve heard praises about Target’s spring stuff so I will for sure check it out!!

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