Springtime Skirts

It’s springtime, hopefully more spring for you wherever you are than it is here in the Washington, DC area. It’s still cold here! We’re in the middle of April in coats, cute coats, but coats nonetheless. Dear Spring, wherever you are, we are patiently waiting your arrival!

In the meantime, we are still rocking transitional pieces because who wants to continue to dress like winter in April? No matter what the temperature is, that’s just not what anyone wants to do. So from cute sweatshirts to jeans, what is another transitional piece that you can bring out of your closet as we twiddle our thumbs for Spring’s face to show? One of my favorite items of clothing, skirts! Let’s discuss our options…

Maxi skirts

Every store from Target to Bergdorf’s sells maxi skirts and they range in material and style to wear from beach to party attire. It’s a typically long skirt that ends below the middle of the calf but above the ankle. Maxi skirts can be very versatile. A semi-tailored one that is made from a lightweight material is great for wearing to a party on a warm evening. But, it can just as easily be packed for a holiday and be worn to the beach. You can find a fantastic range of maxi skirts at jdwilliams.co.uk.

Pencil skirts

When I think pencil skirt, I think work wear paired with a super smart, high-quality tailored shirts. These skirts are typically slim fitting with a straight, narrow cut where the hem falls to or just below the knee. It’s named for it’s shape; long and slim like a pencil! Pencil skirts will never go out of style and are a staple piece for the woman who works in an office setting.

Pencil skirts can be taken beyond the office look for a day to night style. Skirts with color are a great transition for after work attire or a night out.

This style is from the 50s, making its debut from the French designer Christian Dior and modern designers still have fun with this style by reworking the cut and using bold materials for their creations.

To make the look more accommodating for all women, the high-waist pencil skirt is a good option for almost everyone. This is a very flattering cut that will look good on the vast majority of women.

Radical mesh skirts

Transparent mesh skirts are usually a catwalk favorite at fashion shows because they are radical, dramatic, and make for a good show. They’re worn sometimes under long tops and blazers to preserve modesty and create the illusion of a skirt. It is an interesting look that takes a bit of thought to translate into every day style. It can be done though! Just keep in mind the top you wear with it and make sure that it’s not totally sheer underneath. (See photos below)

Leather skirts

Leather skirts are usually preserved for colder weather, but like I said at first, it’s been 30 degrees in April so I think it’s okay to bring this skirt on over to the spring side of your closet for now!  A leather mini also looks fun in the summertime. Rock it with a pair of sneakers and concert tee, and you’ve got a cute summer outfit trending.

The Right Fit

Regardless of what style of skirt you choose to wear, it is important to get the fit right. If you’re interested in making or designing your own skirt, watch this short YouTube video on a skirt fitting tutorial.


I wore a mesh floral maxi skirt from H&M recently, paired with a sweatshirt (one of my other favorite transitional items). What do you think of this look? Remember, there are so many options probably already in your closet. Email us if you ever need assistance putting something together!

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