Spring Style: The Denim Culotte

Who remembers culottes from back in the day? My grandma’s used to wear them and I thought they were the weirdest article of clothing back then. I mean, if you want to wear a skirt just wear a skirt already! What’s the point of the fake skirt look that’s really pants is what my child mind used to wonder. Now that I look back on it, I’m convinced they wore culotte’s like we wear sweatpants. My dad’s mom “Mama Hester” would wear them on her riding lawnmower and while gardening. As successful older black women in the south their level of casual wear was just not the same as it is today but that’s a history lesson for another post…

Fast forward 30+ years and like most fashion trends culottes are back in style with updated fabrics of silk and denim instead of vintage polyester. I found a great pair for under $40 at H&M. I love the fit of these! They are high-waist with a frayed unfinished hem. I’ve had denim from H&M before that fit very so-so and not really worth talking about but these right here are definitely on the “Spring’s Must Have List” along with this ruffle-sleeved linen top that comes in 4 colors. The airy loose fit of this top is a win and I’ll be returning to get more colors. 

Paired with grey heels and my favorite denim jacket and my mom’s Gucci bag that is now vintage…although I remember her carrying it when I was little but that does NOT make me old…I wore this look two days in a row. My boyfriend took me to a dope brewery and I wore it there and then again the next day out with friends. Some looks are worth an instant repeat!

Here are some other denim culotte styles I found:

What do you think of the culotte style? Have you tried it? If so, what did you pair it with? Comment below!


Photos by Reecie Ford

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