Spring, Finally

I’ve been waiting for spring and it’s finally officially sprung! Summer is actually my favorite season (I’m a summer baby) and with spring here that means I’m one day closer to my favorite time of year. So exciting!

Soon we’ll be done with coats and moving to light jackets, blazers, and sweaters only which all go perfectly with my favorite spring-wear item…skirts! I’ve always been more of a skirt girl than a dress girl because when you’re built disproportionately it’s easier to buy separates. My top is not the same size as my bottom making dresses a harder fit. This was very true for me growing up before the Lycra era truly hit. It’s not quite as hard to find a dress that fits now, but with a skirt it’s a sure fit every time.

I mixed the colors and patters up with this look and added sneakers to tie it all together. The focus of the look is of course this awesome color blocked skirt with the best color ever (yellow) and another fave color (blue). I told y’all in my last post, color is my go-to this spring so let’s mix things up! Polka dot is kinda like a color and it’s the best friend of all bright colors. 🙂

As a token of this new spring season I’ve picked a few (a lot) of my favorite pleated skirts, all under $100 and linked them below. Let me know which ones are your faves!

What are you most looking forward to wearing and/ or doing this spring? I need to find some things to get into. Let us know below!


Photos by Pablo Raya

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