Spring Clean

Spring Clean

The House, the Closet, and the Dream!

There’s something refreshing about the oncoming of Spring, the longer days, fresh air, and in the Washington, DC area, the full bloom of Cherry Blossoms skirting along the Potomac. I think it’s the “refreshing” feel that Spring brings that makes us smile a little more than the colder days that have finally passed. This feeling of freshness is too hard to leave outside, and for many of us we want to feel the same freshness when we come inside. Thus, we open windows to let in the warmer air, dust so the sun can shine upon the furniture, and throw things out to open up our space. I am a spring cleaner, I admit. I loooove saying goodbye to winter. Love it! I look at cleaning my house as a celebration to express my love of saying goodbye winter, and hello to the next three seasons. 🙂



I’ve heard of the saying “spring cleaning” since I was a kid. I thought it was a saying that stemmed from what I just mentioned, which it is, but I just learned that there’s a historical meaning to it also. You may have known that, but I sure didn’t. Here’s what I learned – Jews cleaned their homes in preparation for Passover, and Catholics cleaned the altar on Maunday Thursday, the day before Good Friday. In Orthodox nations, it’s still custom to clean the house during the week of Great Lent, which is also called “Clean Week”.  Here’s something else I didn’t know, back in the day in North America and Europe, spring was a great time to dust since they didn’t have vacuum cleaners. They could open the doors and windows and let the wind take out the dust, while in turn not letting in insects that haven’t come out yet. More than that, did anyone know there was such a thing as “National Spring Cleaning Week“? Well there is. It’s March 14-20 in the UK. #FunFact


I spiffed up my house this week, but most of all I lightened my load. I have waaay too many things, as most American’s do I’m sure. But no really, I have way too much stuff! My closet is jammed packed with clothes for every season. During my quest to unload I found items under the bed that I forgot were there, shoes up to the ceiling that I never wear, and costume jewelry that I haven’t seen in years. I packed up 5 garbage bags full of old CD’s, clothes (the one’s I’m not attached to, which I’ll get to in a minute) an old printer, and a bunch of other things to haul away. I still have yet to get into my daughter’s room, who by the way, has a major case of junior hoarderism (don’t ask me where she got that from).

Many people say you should get rid of clothes, or anything for that matter, that you haven’t used in the past year. I can’t say I follow that rule. I get attached to my clothes, and maybe it’s a mental thing (I won’t deny that I have some of that..) but I can’t just get rid of clothes just because I haven’t worn them in the last year. Maybe it was a year that I didn’t have an opportunity to wear that dress, but it’s a classic, so I’ll hold on to it…for now.

I understand this is the reason why I have a hard time moving my hangers over enough to see what’s actually hanging on them because they’re so closely packed next to all of the other hangers in the closet. But! I admit that I have a hard time letting go of some of my clothes because I love having a variety of articles to choose from, the same way that painters like to have a variety of colors to paint with. Now, I did get rid of a lot of things, which I donate to Goodwill more than once a year because the love does eventually fade. The point is, getting rid of a lot, or a little, is good for the closet, the house, and the soul. My mom says getting rid of old things allows more space for new good things. New things like clothes? Lol, I’m kidding. I also sell some of my clothes in my Poshmark closet. I think that my Style Stamped items should be allowed to find a good home and be worn by someone who will love them as much as I once did!

Spring is also a good time of year to reflect upon the new year, which we are already four months into (gasp!).  Spring clean that dream! You know, the one you made on January 1st around 12:30 a.m. Dust it off and let some light shine on it.  That’s one thing you shouldn’t throw away, or give away, or even sell.

A few takeaways –

1. Get rid of things you no longer need or love. Love fades, so what you love today you may not love tomorrow so let it go if the love is gone.

2. Donate your excess to a good cause, a charity, homeless shelter, or your kid’s friends who stalk your closet when they come over to visit. The smiles on their faces will be so bright knowing that you’re sharing your once loved items with them to now love.

3. Make a little extra cash on your good clothes to increase your bank account or to buy something else you’ve fallen in love with without making a withdrawal from your bank account. Even Steven!

4. Dust off that dream of yours, you know the one you had for the “New Year New You” 2016 theme, or whatever dream that you’ve carried with you from year to year that hasn’t made it past your two ears. The world is waiting for it, and so are you! Break out the duster and open the windows and let that dream live. 🙂

In everything you do, don’t forget to K.I.S.S. ~ Keep It Style Stamped!

xoxo ~ Yana

Reference: History of Spring Cleaning

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