Shoes = Art; Christian Louboutin’s Fall 2013 Lookbook

When speaking of items that deserve to be on display, one usually mentions something of value, an article that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and something worthy of an artistic stature. Many would argue to say that art is in everything, and I would somewhat agree, depending how I’m feeling that day. Art is in a lot of things and can be interpreted in different ways. One of the places that I see art is in shoes.   Shoes are a fascination that travels far beyond the walls of StyleStamped; most every woman you meet (and a lot of men too) are intrigued by the varied designs of footwear. I have seen many items meant for the foot but properly crafted for a museum or placed in a drawing, to be hung on display for eternity. I collect images of shoes, and surprisingly (or not), this collection is called shoes=art.

Pateachou Pony

In speaking of shoes equaling art, one famed red bottom king always takes his soles to new heights.  The Italian Shoe Designer Christian Louboutin is someone I consider an artist, and many of his shoes deserve to be immortalized as works of art and etched into forever.  Thanks to Peter Lippmann, famed photographer who specializes in still life and trompe l’oeil, Louboutin’s are officially works of art and have been for a few seasons.

Malabar Hill Pony1

The Fall 2013 Lookbook is created in Reuben’s baroque style where Lippmann used the trompe l’oeil technique to capture the realistic imagery of mythological and allegorical subjects…and shoes.  The shoes, designed by Sir Louboutin, transport us from summer pinks to the rich fullness of golds and deep reds. They throw us into the warmness that winter cannot bring with animal print, and give us a resemblance of fairy snow with gruotta glitter.  This is art.


Artifice Strass 120mm

Artifice Strass 120 mm


Iriza Glitter
Gruotta Glitter Silver


So Kate Snakeskin1


Vaquettababa Specchio-Laminato
So Kate


Keny Spikes Printed Pony 120 mm
Mina Nappa Clutch


Zazou Printed Pony
Sweet Charityb


Miss Poppins Pony1
Dompteuse Messenger
Pate A Chou Pony
Panettone Shopping

Christian Louboutin Fall 2013 Collection

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