Shoe Of The Day: Keyshia Cole & Steve Madden “Dare”


Shoes + Art: Keyshia Cole for Steve Madden

Shoes + Art: Keyshia Cole for Steve Madden by stylestamped


I’ve been rocking Steve Madden shoes since the 90’s.  I can’t remember every thing, but when it comes to fashion, I remember a lot, including my first pair of penny loafer SM’s. I’m not sure if loafers were even in style at the time, but I recall wanting these burgundy chunky sole loafers really bad.  As soon as I got them, I placed a dime in the loafer slot, not a penny!

Fast forward some years (I will let you do the math…), I am still rocking SM’s. Usually whatever begins on the runway makes it into the Steve Madden store in some related variation, at a cost that is more acceptable for most of us mortals.  I’ve been trying to practice “spending with a purpose” lately when it comes to clothes and shoes. For example, when I make a purchase, I want to be able to envision the fashion story I will create and tell with the item.  Everything I buy is for my style, and I know what works for me and what will not. What’s important is the style and connection; it produces guidance.  (Didn’t I just make retail shopping sound so romantic? Hahaha.) Well, this guidance would include the recent purchase I made from the new Keyshia Cole + Steve Madden collection from the SM store; a graffiti designed pump. It was love at first sight.


Born in NYC, when I was a kid graffiti was everywhere. Unconsciously I paid attention to the spray paint art, and noticed when I began to see it less and less on train cars and on the sides of buildings due to street teams and neighborhood cleanups. (Photo by MGYoung Photography, NYC)

Then I see this shoe. #Shoegasm

With a graffiti design.

It was for me.

SM + KC = Dare

SM + KC = Dare

Like really??  Total love at first sight!! I had to cop them, it was a sure connection and I had to make it work! They had my size, and I was all in. I’ve worn them every single time I’ve been out this week. Hahaha. My daughter has been telling me that they don’t match everything I wear. I don’t care, I’m in love!


Yana B. rocking the KC-Dare pump from the Keyshia Cole and Steve Madden Collection. Bag courtesy of Twisted Aristocrat

Keyshia Cole, multi-platinum recording R & B sensation, and Steve Madden’s collaboration is pretty hot. This special collection, released in September, had something special in mind for me. 🙂

Keyshia stated: “I am super excited to collaborate with Steve Madden, It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I love his style and I think we came up with an amazing vibrant collection. We have something for every fashion diva!”

Vibrant? Amazing? Stamp!!

Steve Madden shares the sentiment, stating, “Keyshia and I have great chemistry. The shoes are blowing. The collaboration is a success.”

Isn’t it great when a plan comes together?

KC Dare in Pink

KC Dare in Pink

Keyshia Cole in KC-Suppa

Keyshia Cole in KC-Suppa

Keyshia Cole and Steve Madden Collaboration

Keyshia Cole and Steve Madden Collaboration


Keyshia Cole and Steve Madden

Keyshia Cole and Steve Madden

The collection features 13 heeled styles that add a lot of edge to any look. I’m not into the high platform look, but the pumps are just right for me! Check out the complete shoe collection here:

Keyshia Cole and Steve Madden Collection

Keyshia Cole and Steve Madden Collection

Over the past week, this is how I rocked KC-Dare, my new faves!

photo (5)

photo (6)

…with a tee-shirt dress (Forever 21)


…with ASOS bleached jeans, graphic tee and denim shirt



….with a black and white polka dot dress, white blazer, and red belt



What is your favorite shoe from the collection? How would you wear it? Show us! We want to see!


(For more information on the studded leather bag shown with Yana B., visit Twisted Aristocrat)

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