NYFW Street Style ss15: Who what why wear?

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The people who walk the streets of New York during Fashion Week are individuals from all over the world who come to attend fashion shows, view renowned designers’ next season’s collections, and see the top models who display them. But even for those who don’t have front-row access to the top shows, New York is on the travel agenda during this week.  Just to be a part of the atmosphere, the feel, to smell the scent of fashion in the air – it’s worth the trip. Even if it means only stepping out of your front door.



Fashion! Style. Street photographers. Individual style. Designer. Art. Design. Structure. Fashion. Runway. Concrete. The city that never sleeps. The Big Apple. The Fashion Capital.  New York. Love. Fashion.



New York during Fashion Week is a “thing” to all fashion lovers, even those not employed in any aspect of the industry. It’s a way to see art; wearable art.  It’s a chance to BE art. People come to be a part of the atmosphere, New Yorkers included. It’s a week to celebrate fashion. And although New York is fashion 356 days a year, this is a special time –  a time to stand out while fitting in with other fashion identifiers. Because style is individualistic. It’s a chance to be yourself, or someone else – at the same time. It’s important. It’s fashion.
Style is everything. ~ It’s a way of life.



Whatever you want. What you wear should only matter to you, not anyone else. That’s the fun of it; what you wear is the who, what, and why of it all. Stand out to fit in, or blend in. Be noticed, or not. Wear what’s comfortable, stylish, or whatever your interpretation of who you truly are at the core…even if its just for a week…or a day, or an hour.
Wear it. And wear it well.


STYLE STAMPED…on New York Fashion Week SS/15

All street photographs courtesy of Mike of MG Young Photography – the best darn photographer in New York City.


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