Not Your Mama’s Plaid

Not Your Mama's Plaid

Not Your Mama’s Plaid by stylestamped featuring black handbags

The plaid pattern has been around for years, and always gets a lot of play in the fall. Moving away from just being used in shirts, plaid can be found in many other items including the dress. Plaid can be classy, edgy, or sexy, depending on the cut of the dress and the accessories it is paired with. Begin first with the silhouette, and define your style from there. Remember, this is not your mama’s plaid!


For the classy look, the dress is longer and has feminine touches such as the pleats and bow. The belt was added for shape enhancement, and the shoes add height and sexiness. The shoes also play down the feminine touches to add some edge with the platform and the Oxford look taken from menswear. The bag goes outside the box to add color unexpectedly, but ties the look together. Minimal earrings to stay on the classy side. There is enough going on with plaid, so use the accessories to add value, not to be the focus.


For the edgy look, the dress is shorter and the shape is boxy.  There is no need to add a belt to this dress, but adding long necklaces is a plus. Adding more than one long necklace, or doubling up on necklaces give the shape of the dress an added edge. Due to the shorter hem, add cool booties. Tall boots can be worn with this look as well, but the booties bring more style. This dress silhouette loves metals. so don’t be afraid to mix metals! Gold and silver can be friends. 🙂 Fun stud earrings were added, and a neutral grey bag with black accents tie the look together.


For the sexy look, the dress is fitting. The long sleeves and longer hem cover the body in plaid so the accessories must be bold. A thick gold necklace and bold black and gold accented booties are added to this look. Again, minimal earrings are a go. The dress and shoes speak loudly in this look, and the color-block bag is added just to bring something different to the look. A black bag can be worn with all of these looks, but why not be different when you can, right?


Zara dress

Purple plaid dress
$23 –

AllSaints necklace

Ted Baker chain jewelry

Black skull earrings
$4.82 –

Black and silver jewelry

Temperley London studded belt
$280 –

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