Monochrome Blues

I love to compare style to art. The word “monochrome” [monuh-krohm] is set aside in the dictionary for art; paintings drawn in different shades of the same color, an artist’s technique, or the state or condition, of being painted or decorated, in the same color.  Like many facets of style borrowed from the world of art, the word “monochrome” has seamlessly been inducted into fashion vocabulary to define an outfit drawn together in the same hues of one color. More than a definition, it’s a great concept. Just like a black and white or grey on grey picture, wearing an outfit of the same color in different shades imagines a visual of a clean slate. A tonal color of a single shade actually makes for a bold fashion statement, just as a black and white snapshot of the Eiffel Tower is more intriguing to many than a photo in color. I’m intrigued with the monochromatic look. I would love to say I captured it here, but I’m not sure if denim is truly a part of the fashionable definition because my color lines are totally interrupted. So…this is sorta like an attempt (but not my last) at dressing in one color from head to toe since I think the monochromatic look is totally Style Stamped.

Yana B. Collage

I wore a lace top that I found at H&M for about $7, my best (and only) pair of boyfriend jeans from True Religion that I’ve had at least 3 years now, and my navy blue red sole shoes. I invested in these shoes, absolutely. Mostly because they’re navy blue and they fit my super-wide foot. And because well, I got a new job a few months ago and I felt like I needed new shoes, plus they’re navy as I mentioned before, which is one of my new favorite colors. That pretty much sums up my excuse for buying these too expensive shoes. Now, let’s move on.

I wore a big pearl necklace from my late great-aunt Lola, who always seemed to have a mountain of tangled costume jewelry on her dresser and in several of her dresser drawers mixed in with perfume bottles, rouge, and red lipstick from the drug store. She offered me these pearls and some other necklaces several times, but I mostly declined. I was young! Of course now I wish I would have grabbed a few more pieces. Hindsight is 20/20 right? The lesson here is if you have an older relative who was totally Style Stamped back in his or her day and they offer you jewelry or anything else that you can make good fashion sense of, take it!


If I was to choose a monochromatic look it would be with blue (well I guess you could figure that by this post). Blue is strong – it’s royal while still leaving room for femininity and style. It won’t wash you out. Instead, it may lift you up. Plus it matches everything! I think this color is totally underrated. It’s still cold outside unfortunately but to brighten up the day I wore a fluorescent pink coat from my closet and a thick tartan scarf from H&M earlier this season.

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Check out how the celebs do mono (the style) – I’m going to try it again, soon and very soon!

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