Merry Christmas from Style Stamped

My daughter and I want to wish you a wonderful holiday this year so we took some photos and we’re posting them here because well…my actual greeting cards are still sitting on my desk. Every year I say, this year will be different! I purchased some really cute cards, put our outfits together and went to the photo studio with the intent of putting the developed pics into the cards…AND mailing them out. I think you see at which phase of the game I got stuck.

Style-Stamped-Christmas-2014 (1)

We haven’t taken official Christmas pictures (or unofficial for that matter) in many, many years so I wanted our outfits to be thoughtful, original, and Style Stamped, of course. I didn’t want red/green/etc., you know the normal Christmas colors for our looks. I’ve been into gold lately, and I love the fair-isle (or jacquard-knit) Christmas sweaters that are in style this season, so I paired the two together and sprinkled in some pink!

Both of our sweaters were from H&M, they had a great selection of sweaters this year! Bow-ties are my daughter’s “thing”, so I found a pink one to polish off her outfit. We’re a family of 2, well 3 if you count the dog. My daughter looked at the photos and said, “I love our little family.” It’s not the size of the family that counts, it’s the love that you share, right? So we hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family, no matter the size, and pets included!

Style-Stamped-Christmas-2014 (2)

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!


Style Stamped.

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