Intro to my Style: Summer 2013 ~ Yana B.

Bored at work? Polka dots, pearls and specs

Ok, so what is Yana B.’s style?  I tried to figure that out this summer in addition to attempting to raise the bar for myself, just a little, and incorporate some trendiness and “what’s happening now” to a style that generally only exists in my mind.  Unlike others, I have a slight formula to my style madness. Well not really but I’d like to think so.  When I’m asked to attend an event or function, my mind immediately starts racing. Oh my Gosh, what am I going to wear?!! Now as much as I hate to admit it, I collect clothes and shoes. Other people might collect stamps, antiques, or portraits.  That’s nice. I collect clothes. And shoes. When they start an episode of closet hoarders, don’t be surprised to see me as the first episode.  But…I can never find anything to wear!! Why is it so hard?  I have enough clothes and shoes.  Why am I always in the mall as soon as get wind that I MIGHT have somewhere to go??  Because it’s a disease I tell you. An addiction!  My best friend and I have figured it out, and we’ve concluded that social media has not made said addiction any better.  You take one cute picture in an outfit and post if on Facebook or Instagram and think that you can never be seen in a picture with the same outfit on again. Ever.  It’s not true! At the end of the day…we are not celebrities and no one really cares. LOL.  But that still does not stop the madness of thought or frantic trips to the mall with a look in mind that only exists in your head while trying to come up with an outfit. Here are some of the things I wore this summer while I tried to get into anything and everything I could between DC and NY.  I even created a hashgtag: #BestSummerEver on IG.  From Jay-Z concerts and after-parties, NYC’s La Marina, hanging out with friends and going to weddings, I had a blast.  Now, please don’t judge me if you see me wearing these outfits again.  I’m working on my addiction.  Cut a sista some slack and show some support for the retail afflicted! 🙂

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