How to Turn a Simple Jeans and Top Combo Into a Stylish Ensemble


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Ever since sailors in Genoa, Italy first rocked up wearing denim jeans in the 17th century, this style of clothing has evolved from being worn solely by miners to work, all the way to becoming a fashion staple that’s incorporated into our everyday outfits. 

Aside from the comfort and durability jeans offer, they are also highly versatile which means that they can be combined with just about any other type of clothing. However, the classic jeans and top combo doesn’t have to be plain and boring. 

Today let’s look at how you can transform this simple combination into a stylish ensemble.

Step Away from Blue Jeans

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Blue jeans are traditionally the most popular type, but that hasn’t stopped designers and tailors coming up with ways to give them a fresh look. Seeing various creations dyed and mixed with other colors is now commonplace. Today, guides like Fashion Gum show the best style combinations when wearing jeans that incorporate various colors like pink, yellow, mint green and turquoise. Fashion experts tend to recommend wearing pastel-colored jeans in the spring, summer and fall, while darker shades are perfect for the winter months.

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Experiment with Different Cuts

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The deluge of high street fashion ranges ensures that consumers have a variety of different cuts and fit to choose from. For instance, retro styles such as bell-bottom jeans can be matched with a cowboy button up shirt. If that doesn’t quite match your style, maybe look at rocking baggy jeans with a semi-fitted top and put on a duster as a finishing touch.


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Try the Rugged + Formal Mix

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Savoir Flair listed some ‘not so basic’ jeans and top combinations. Pairing jeans, even the shredded “destroyed” types, with a formal top gives you a casual and classy look all at the same time. Other options include wearing a buttoned blouse, flannel shirt, or even a dress with tattered or rugged cut jeans.


(image: Savoir Flair)

Accessories Can Make all the Difference

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In the 40 Plus Style article ‘How to Wear Jeans with a Special Top’, they showed how an accessory like a hat, belt or scarf can complement an otherwise plain jeans and top ensemble. A studded belt can even elevate your OOTD to new heights!

(image: 40 Plus Style)

These are just some of the ways you can add a bit of flair to your jeans and top combo. Of course, it’s always worth remembering to wear everything with confidence, as the best thing about this mix is that anyone can pull off the look with relatively minimal effort. Whether you’re a regular citizen or a high-profile personality, you can never go wrong with this tried and tested option. Plus, you can also rock the outfit regardless of your body type. Aside from the usual choices available on the market, plus-size fashion is also booming nowadays, which has given plus-size women the chance to wear what they want and how they want. For instance, plus-size fashion resource Woman Within demonstrates through its assortment of tops and tees how easily you can pair the pieces with jeans. From tank tops to long-sleeved polo shirts, plus-size women now have all the same options, allowing them to freely express their fashionable side to the world.

With these stylish tips in mind, you can now breathe new life into your jeans and top combo. For more fashion trends and guides, check out several other topics in our Personal Style archive.

As you know, we love denim!!



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