Happy New Year from Style Stamped

The beginning of a year brings about a feeling of just that…a new beginning. A new start or a do-over if you will. There are quite a few things that I’m happy to leave back in 2014, I can’t lie. A New Year brings hope for more ups than downs, and I don’t see anything wrong with trying to start out on a journey through a year you’ve never seen before and will never see again on a good foot. Do I believe in a bunch of declarations and pinning myself against a wall of rules and do’s and don’ts? No. But a good outlook on a new year never hurt anyone. With that said, we hope you have a wonderful 2015!!!! Here’s a little sparkle from us to you.


I look forward to spending another year with you here at Style Stamped in 2015!

~ Yana B.

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