Get Ready for Fear Knot; A Natural Hollywood Affair

Drumroll please….it’s happening! That’s what I always say to my friend of over 20 years Jennifer Lord, award-winning hair stylist in Brooklyn, NY and founder of Natural Hollywood. In addition to having gifted hands for natural hair, Jennifer  has a vision that extends beyond the chair. Her vision is steadfast and for years she’s worked hard towards her goals every minute of every day. It’s a multi-faced vision with many layers; making dope hairstyles, creating dope art, putting on amazing fashion shows, and now…publishing an insane coffee table book filled with beautiful images. The latter is happening and we at Style Stamped couldn’t be more proud of Jennifer and Natural Hollywood!  The coffee table book, entitled “Natural Hollywood Vol. 1”, will debut at “Fear Knot“; An avant-garde natural hair fashion show and art exhibit because of course, as with anything that Natural Hollywood does, it won’t just be a book release, it will be a production! There will be striking beauties showcasing hair and original fashions paired with the sounds of both live music and a DJ. This is a fashion meets hair event that is sure to be an experience you won’t forget.  The red carpet roll out will take place from 3:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. and Style Stamped will be there to greet you in your best dress (or suit)!!

This is a wonderful celebration complete with an art exhibit, fashion show, hair styling demo and consultation, book pre-sales and of course, a book signing and Q&A. A decorative display of lite fare will be provided and your fill of wine will be plentiful. Now for the most important question…WHAT TO WEAR?!!

Men and women alike, even with a closet full of clothes, ask this question but it’s especially asked when you have a Creative Black Tie event to attend. It’s different from dressing in your every day style because there are rules to adhere to when attending someone’s event. Well, this is not an event for merely a black suit and black dress rules, you have permission to add some flair ladies and gentlemen. We want to see you in your Style Stamped best which shows your attitude and style. So where do we start?

The first stop should always be your closet and if you have nice friends who wear the same size, their closet too! We’ve all been to a formal affair at some point in time so bring out that dress and dust it off. If you’re bored with it, add some accessories: a necklace, belt, or fabric sash. For the last Natural Hollywood event, The Natural Aristocratic Tea: A Royal Affair, I purchased a $30 dress from Marshall’s and a $10 piece of fabric and draped it with a brooch that held it in place. Formal doesn’t mean breaking the bank! The most exciting part of dressing for a formal event is getting dressed up of course, but also the creativity of making that look your own.

A few basic rules to dressing Creative Black Tie are:

  • A good fit. Make sure your dress or suit fits well. Get alterations if needed. You want to make sure your look is polished and nothing says polished better than a well-fitting garment.
  • Color. Think black tie but add some color to it.

Here are some examples:


A long gown, cocktail dress, or snazzy separates.

  • Accessorize! Refer to the latest trends using sequins, sheer fabrics, kente prints, capes, or crinoline underskirts for a dramatic effect AND don’t forget your fly footwear!



Incorporate trendy prints in your tie and a dressy shirt. You can mix fabrics such as a silk blazer and a dress shirt to create a formal, yet interesting look.

  • Accessories: Bow tie (that you tie yourself), vest, velvet smoking jacket, bright-colored shirt studs and/or cuff links. Brightly colored socks work too!
  • Don’t wear too many colors at once and to err on the safe side, just add one color if you’re not sure.

The final rule is – show off your personality in every detail as this is a time to celebrate creativity!

This is an amazing event. I can honestly say that ALL of Natural Hollywood’s events are amazing. Jennifer Lord only puts on the BEST! And if you’re wondering…yes, yours truly is in the book! Come out and celebrate with us on May 19th  at 3:00 p.m. in Brooklyn, NY. Click the link for tickets, and we’ll see you there!


~XOXO Yana B.


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