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I visited a showcase on Sunday that birthed a question in me…Where are dreams born? For all of the individuals out here living their dreams, where were they when that Ah-ha moment (as Oprah calls it) hit them and lured them into their passion?  What exactly is going through one’s mind when they are called by destiny?  What I have found in pondering this question is that sometimes, when an individual is at their lowest, they get hit with the idea that will bring them to their highest.  That is what connected me to this showcase, and what gave me the desire to cover this story about a new fashion line entitled ‘Only in America.’


Only in America.  There are, as many do believe, certain opportunities that are only available in America.  Sometimes it seems that American’s themselves lose sight of the possibilities that this land can offer, making way for Foreigners to come and seize opportunities.  But one summer day in July 2012, while incarcerated, Kevin “Trix” Bent, at his lowest, thought about the country that he was born in and now incarcerated in. He reflected upon his  promotion company ‘TRIXANDZEKE’ that thrived while he was on the outside, promoting and hosting parties for athletes and celebrities at one time.  He thought about his bid expiration date while struggling to maintain sanity. He did something unique; Kevin channeled his energy and used the confinement time to clear his mind, position himself for purpose, and receive his next steps.  Kevin reflected on one of his passions; fashion.  He began sketching and thinking. He birthed his fashion and lifestyle brand, ‘Only in America’ from behind bars that month. And now, 14 months later, here we are at an art gallery in Baltimore looking at his collection.  Stamp.




Kevin told me that he felt like “Only in America can you lose it all, and gain it back more than you could have ever imagined.”  He stated that “Through difficult adversities I kept a positive mindset and created my clothing line ‘Only in America’ for people of all cultures and for individuals who feel “incarcerated” in their own mindset.  In Kevin’s PR statement, he said that he kept positive throughout his entire ordeal; “Whether it be mentally or physically when you remain positive though your turmoil you can have everything you dream of.” I believe it.  Kevin was so happy and humble when I met him.  His hazel eyes were bright and his smile was big. He was rocking one of his own sweatshirt designs with some Jays and personality glasses. He represented his brand well.  More importantly, he represented the American dream well by reminding us that anything is possible in this land of the free and home of the brave if you put your mind to it and heart in it.



Aside from the wonderful art in the ICA Baltimore Studio (Dominic Terlizzi’s art is on display), Kevin connected with the environment by placing his first thoughts, sketched out on paper, in gold frames. Below the frame was a note card with an explanation of thought, all derived from behind bars.

Design #1; The Meaning

Design #1; The Meaning

"The Meaning"

“The Meaning”

"The Vision"

"The Vision"

“The Vision”


"Just and Idea"

“Just and Idea”

The logo is an upside down Illuminati symbol, with the “all-seeing eye.” Kevin explained that a lot of his friends as well as American’s in general are infatuated with the Illuminati and its symbolism so he played with the concept and took the symbol and flipped it for ‘Only in America.’


OIA Brand Cap

OIA Brand Cap


All of the Fall 2013 OIA items are available for purchase on It is everyday wear highlighted in the Urban/Pop Culture market. It’s for the everyday cool look, it is the next big thing!

OIA Fall 2013 Collection

OIA Fall 2013 Collection

Crystal J; OIA model and Graphic Designer

Crystal J; OIA model and Graphic Designer

Crystal J

Crystal J









It was a true pleasure meeting Kevin, and hearing his inspiring story. He is a true testament that dreams can be born from anywhere, and take us everywhere. I can’t wait to see more from OIA in the future!!

Follow Kevin “Trix” Bent on IG/Twitter: @IamTrix_ and @OIA_Brand

Kevin "Trix" Brent and I

Kevin “Trix” Bent and I

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