Fashion Icons That Have Emerged In 2017

Every so often, it’s nice to peek in on what’s happening in celebrity fashion. This is why we flip through popular magazines, interpret high fashion events, and tune in early for award shows so we watch red carpet arrivals. It’s not so much that we plan to exactly emulate celebrity outfits (most of us can’t exactly afford those red carpet dresses!). But it’s still nice to see what leading ladies and major celebrities are wearing, and more generally, how they look.

These are some of the women who’ve emerged in 2017 as people to watch for beautiful looks and fashion inspiration.


Having come up in the entertainment industry as a singer and actress associated with Disney, Zendaya isn’t a full-fledged newcomer. However, she is being introduced to larger audiences these days. Digital Spy named her as a rising star to watch in 2017, thanks largely to her role in Spider-Man: Homecoming. She’ll also appear with Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman, which is expected to be a major award contender. We’re still getting to know Zendaya’s style, but to this point she’s presented some elegant and beautiful looks. She seems to opt for long, slim gowns, and she’s often doing fun things with her hair.


Gal Gadot

Now that she’s playing the role of Wonder Woman for DC and Warner Bros., Gadot is probably on track to be one of the biggest actresses (and by extension, brands) in the world. We already know that she’ll appear in Justice League as well as a Wonder Woman sequel. Playtech has revealed that it will be working on adaptations to more DC films to create online games based on cinematic heroes. And it’s a good bet that this Halloween we’ll see countless girls in Wonder Woman attire. Films, online games, costumes… Gadot is going to be extraordinarily influential. Fortunately, she’s also quite stylish. A former Miss Israel, she’s used to dressing to impress, and isn’t afraid to wear bold, eye-catching outfits on the red carpets.


Meghan Markle

In entertainment, Markle is probably best known for her portrayal of the paralegal Rachel in Suits. However, she appears to be on track to becoming a major figure in the world. That’s because she’s in what looks to be a serious relationship with Prince Harry. She’s now being watched so closely that people are analyzing her hand-holding habits with the famous prince, so it stands to reason that her style is going to be thoroughly scrutinized as well. Markle can certainly look stunning on the red carpet (she’s tried all different kinds of looks), but her everyday style is casually chic as well.


Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe had an incredible 2016. The actress starred in Moonlight and Hidden Figures, and headed into the year looking like one of the best up-and-coming actresses. While it’s true that she is best-known for her singing, she’s going to be a far more visible figure in the aftermath of her cinematic breakthroughs. And more than anyone on this list, Monáe is fascinating to keep an eye on when there’s an opportunity to dress up. She had several beautiful but almost costume-like looks on last year’s red carpets, and should be a fashion icon for the daring fashionistas among us for some time to come!


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~xoxo, Yana B.

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