Fashion Friday: Happy Endings for the Coldest Week of the Year!

StyleStamped: Stay Warm!

It was the first week of the new year and like most places in the region, it was freezing in DC, literally! CNN stated that a rush of cold air that is normally supposed to stay near the North Pole reigned down on us due to a distorted vortex, thus spilling all types of frigid on us!  It was briiiick outside and I could hardly think because I was so cold. I am not a fan of cold weather, although I do love winter fashion.  The above fashion plate is a hint of what was needed this week, layers, warm boots, and skin protection! It’s crazy how dry your skin gets during the colder months and we can’t forget to add protection, especially to our exposed parts (hands, face, lips).

As we approach the week’s end, the temperature has raised about 30 degrees (it was 7 degrees on Monday) and is supposed to go up to 60 tomorrow. That almost seems like tropical weather from where the week began!

StyleStamped: After Hours

Now that the polar vortex has passed, we can get back to our regular scheduled winter fashion routine. Have some fun this weekend!  The above plate is inspiration for a Happy Hour/Happy Weekend! Pair some knee-high socks with a shift dress and add layers. I love this asymmetrical sweater paired with the boxy dress, it provides an outer layer of warmth and an alternate shape to give the look an edge. The socks add protection from the cold to your legs of course, but also a little flirtatiousness. Add a bootie in the same color as the socks and go get ’em! Matching tights with shoes works especially when you are going with a short dress.  Go have some hours of happy and celebrate the “warmer” weather. Lol.

Here are some ideas for this look:

Shift Dress, OTK Socks, Booties, Asymmetrical Sweater


How did you stay stylish in the cold weather? Comment below!


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