Fall on Plaid

Fall is nature’s fashion designer. Each season it creates patterns with warm color palettes mixed unpredictably together, stirred with a paintbrush penned by the wind. Just like every top fashion designer, you can’t add to what’s already there, you can only slightly compliment. Plaid is a pattern that complements what’s already there; it goes with fall like a nice pair of Manolo’s with a Christian Siriano gown. You can never go wrong by falling on plaid in the second to last season of each year. The easiest way to make sure you’re complimenting natures design? Add a plaid scarf.

Falling on Plaid

Falling on Plaid by stylestamped


Adding a plaid (or Tartan) scarf to a minimalist outfit will bring it to life, and that’s what makes it the perfect fall accessory. You can find plaid scarves very inexpensively which makes it an even better accessory! I paired my over-sized scarf with a green khaki romper, neutral colored open toe booties, and a bright-colored bag.

SS Weekend1

Since winter hasn’t roared it’s super cold head yet, this fall 2015 season has been a wonderful time to style without adding a ton of layers to keep warm. Nothing against coats because I love them too, but it’s a lot of fun to go outside with a light jacket or of course, a big scarf. 

This fall has been warm enough to rock the open toe booties that you probably have in your closet from last year as well as that romper you forgot you had. It’s always wonderful to shop your own closet from year to year! Now make sure you add that plaid scarf and you’ll be happy for many fall seasons to come. 🙂

SS Weekend29

Have fun falling on plaid!

xoxo – Yana B.

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