Fall… Into A Denim Shirt

There are soooo many blogs and fashion shows and people who will tell you what to wear each season, especially Fall. Most commonly known as “Fall Essentials”, these articles and catwalks highlight the “essential” pieces for your wardrobe. Essential pieces for your style. Maybe even essential for you to be deemed fashion worthy, depending on the source. We won’t bully you into a fashion box, after all your style must be individual (or else it’s not really your style, is it?). So just to be clear, we are only here to provide some Style Stamped suggestions!! Take what you like and leave the rest. But we are pretty sure you’ll find something you like – especially in this post. I mean, who doesn’t love a denim shirt?


Why should the denim shirt be an essential fashion wardrobe piece? Because you can certainly take it with you into Fall…and then into Winter. And don’t pack it up for Spring or Summer, you’ll need it for the cooler evenings. Basically…the denim shirt is a 365 days a year deal. So if you have one, bring it to the front of your closet, and if you don’t have one, well, get one (or two or three). And please don’t mistake it for a denim jacket! It’s not the same thing.  Don’t forget about the guys either! It’s an essential for them too.

I have a few denim shirts, but for this post I used my polka dot denim shirt from H&M (last season) to create three looks with a denim skirt, a bubble skirt, and a pair of bright denim.

Denim on Denim:


Denim skirts take you back in the day; I used to rock them in High School with a pair of the latest sneakers. But now that I’m grownnnnn…..I wear heels (but I still love sneakers!). I wore this denim-on-denim outfit with a denim skirt from H&M, a pair of hot pink Brian Atwood’s from a previous season, and one of my favorite tees. You’ll notice I say “from a previous season” often – because at Style Stamped we emphasize purchasing clothing items that are staples. Don’t shop for the moment – shop for the years ahead.

Blame Society and Wear Denim

Blame Society and Wear Denim by stylestamped


I decided I’m not too grown to still wear sneakers so I changed up the look with a pair of white Skytop Pumas. Cool

Denim and a Skirt:

Pairing a denim shirt with a skirt is another good look. Denim will always add a sense of casualness, but you can dress it up depending on what you wear it with, and a skirt is always a good choice! You may not want to wear a really long skirt, but a mini/midi skirt will always work.

My Polka Dot denim shirt is so cool
I wore the shirt with one of my favorite skirts from All Saints – a parachute mini. I added a jazzy belt from Forever 21 and bright accessories – red shoes and an envelope clutch.

Of course the denim shirt will go with denim jeans, that’s a given.  Switch it up though – pair it with colorful denim and cute heels!

Denim Shirt to Grunge for Fall
This last outfit was brought alive with a pair of neon green J Brand skinny jeans and Steve Madden pumps from Keyshia Cole’s collection last fall.

What do you think of these looks? Which look is your favorite?

Also, tell us what your Fall essentials are!

xoxo ~ Yana B.


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