Don’t Forget Your Scarf

How many of you reading this own a white tee and a pair of jeans? Better yet, how many white tees and pairs of jeans do you own? Next question…how many times do you say, “I don’t have anything to wear!” If you’re anything like me you’ve said this statement more than once or twice…this month! Since I’ve been preggo having nothing, or not much I should say, to wear, is actually a true statement. I couldn’t go out and buy a new maternity wardrobe so I’ve had to  make do with some basics, and what’s more basic than jeans and a tee? Not much. That’s why I have 3 pairs of maternity jeans from Target and several white tees from H&M and they’ve become my go-to outfit. How do I keep from looking the same every time I wear said jeans and tee? I add a scarf. The scarf, which I have always been a huge fan of especially in the Fall/Winter months, (I’ve blogged about it before just type “scarf” into my search bar) has become even more of a prized fashion possession during this 9 month transition. I keep several by the door and cling to whichever becomes the scarf of the day while I’m out. I’m definently a “scarfie”. 🙂

Photo by QT Photography Studio

Photo by QT Photography Studio

Elizabeth Gillett offers a wonderful array of watercolor hand-designed scarves to choose from and she sent me this “REBECCA red” from her fall scarf collection that I fell all the way in love with. I paired it with some throwback block heel Sam Edelman’s and it was a look. An easy look! You’ve got to check her out at

I’ve had so much fun with this scarf. It’s also been fun to come up with creative ways to wear jeans and a tee with a bump. My other go-to scarf is a denim vintage scarf I found at the RL men’s store in NYC this past summer. I had to have it, and with denim being my favorite fabric you can guess that on most days you see me in this one! As a bonus to you guys, Elizabeth Gillett is offering 20% off from now until the end of the year using code STYLESTAMPED. Yay!

RL Denim Vintage Scarf

What’s been your most favorite accessory this season? Share some additional ideas with us in the comment section!

Photo by QT Photography Studio

Photo by QT Photography Studio

See you soon! 

~XOXO Yana B.

Photography by Reecie Best of QT Photography Studio

Don't Forget the Scarf!


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