Dear Summer 2015

Each year as summer fades away and fall begins it’s introduction with chilly nights and dark mornings, I find myself a little sad. And if there’s ever been a year that I was most sad to see summer fade away it’s this one, hands down. I had so much fun during the summer of 2015 (hence the slow down of posts). It was seriously the best summer I’ve had in years.

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While my daughter spent time in Texas, I was on the East Coast turning up with my “day one” friends, new friends, and my boo who took me on lots of amazing dates.  

I started the summer off in New York courtesy of Polyvore (click to see the post about it). I met new friends, rubbed elbows with Eva Chen, and got to take a first look at Dolce Vita’s new line.

My late June birthday was a great reason for my BFF to come up from North Carolina to visit me (one of the like 8 trips she took to see me this summer). We hung out in DC with our other good friend and did brunch, karaoke, and took lots of pics of course. 🙂

In August I went to Ocean City for the first time everrrrrr with my girlfriend. After living in the DC area for quite a few years now, I’m the only person I know who’s never been to this beach. I kept calling it the “Maryland Beach” because for some reason Ocean City kept escaping my mind #SummerVacayBrain. My longtime friend whom I call my “Butterfly Sister” because we both have Lupus (and matching butterfly tatts), came down to surprise me for dinner one night. Funnnn on Fleek!


I had a wonderful opportunity to work the red carpet at the Natural Aristocratic Tea produced by my girl Jenn of Natural Hollywood that took place in Brooklyn, NY. Click the link to see the amazing time we had in one of the most elegant venues I’ve ever seen!

While at home in DC I went to quite a few events around town, numerous happy hours, and well yeah, I maximized my fun daily. Summer is also my favorite time of the year because I get to express my Style Stamped side to the fullest!

South Beach, Miami with the BFF!

We stayed at the Betsy hotel in South Beach which was a great experience. Their customer service is top notch! I had the best Cobb salad of my life and the beach water was the perfect temp, making it an extra amaze-balls time. 😉

At home I hung out with my sons…they acted like they were in the movie Step-son and the whole time only thing missing was bunk beds. Slobbing and barking and running into walls and each other. Gotta love it.

Puppy and the old man


I played footsie with bae and let him be my photographer once or twice and got to ride shotgun alllll summer :).

I watched my girl get married on the beach in Malawi via What’s App. Technology makes dreams come true!

Got to see some of my day 1’s! #Usie

Day 1's

Day 1’s

I hung out in Harlem World, NYC – stomping grounds…and ran into the homey Jadakiss in Mt. Vernon. ♠

As you can see, all in all, I had a pretty dope summer and I hope you did too!!

Tell us about the best part of your summer in the comments below. We should all stick together and reminisce since the cold weather is coming for us sooner than later!

Enjoying this ride of a life!

Enjoying this ride of a life!

Your’s Truly,

Yana B.

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