Claire Summers comes to Washington, DC for Cocktails with Claire!

Claire Summers, the famous fashion blogger for FashionBombDaily made a visit to Washington DC on Friday, August 16th and I had the honor of being in attendance! I must admit, Claire is the epitome of what it means to be a successful fashion blogger! To top it off, she was very nice and BEAUTIFUL in person.  She gets the ultimate STAMP, and so does her event!  Claire held “Cocktails with Claire” in three locations; New York City, Atlanta, GA, and Washington, DC and it was a brilliant idea.  I have been in DC for quite a few years and I have never attended an event with fellow fashionistas who emitted such wonderful vibes and amazing style!  I was honored just to be in the crowd. 🙂 This event gets a double STAMP.  Thanks Claire!!!

Cocktails with Claire comes to DC

Cocktails with Claire comes to DC



Yana B and Claire...stamp!

Yana B and Claire…stamp!



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