Behind the Scenes With Black Compass Group Clothing Co.

We love everything that has to do with style and fashion here at Style Stamped but we especially love two things within these categories; styling and new brands. Recently I got the opportunity to do both by providing creative direction and styling for a new brand’s photo shoot. Of course now they get the chance to be introduced here! Style Stampers, meet the new premium outerwear brand entitled Black Compass Group Clothing Co.


Black Compass Group, or “BCG” was developed in the fall of 2015 and launched its first line featuring over 11 one-of-a-kind designs in the summer of 2016. Founded and created by Washingtonian B. Shaw, BCG designs are trusted and innovative, inspired by one who highly appreciates hats and outerwear as he’s been wearing hats since his first Easter Sunday back in the early 1980’s. When asked why start a fashion line, B’s response is “I’ve worn hats all of my life and I love outerwear so I decided to create a line based on what I like and my ideas. I’ve had design ideas floating around in my mind for years so I decided to take the leap and put it out there for others to wear and enjoy as well.” We love it! A new line featuring original designs. That’s all the way Style Stamped.

Needless to say I was excited to take on the photo shoot opportunity for this brand. I wanted to shoot in New York City, the fashion capital of the world which doubles as my capital city as well :). We worked with my long time photographer Mr. Mike Young of MG Young Photography who is awesome at capturing product and fashion shots. I wanted the product to speak for itself which wasn’t hard to do with such a strong brand, therefore I dressed my models in fashionable street wear while not taking away from the focus of the collection. Here are some of the in-action shots from behind the scenes:

Taking the time to hand-draw each item and work collaboratively with talented graphic designers, the final production of each B. Shaw piece is the direct result of his vision and creativity. Using top quality and unique materials, the S/S 2016 line features 100% woven cotton, reflector material, and even pure cork. I wanted to make sure we captured the uniqueness of the brand visually while embracing the New York City backdrop.

When asked about the mission of BCG, B’s response was this:

“BCG’s mission translates into each look with the goal of providing the wearer with a sense of navigation through their own individual style. We all aim for guidance to help us navigate through time, and a tool to aid the avoidance of life’s unknowns and adversity would be ideal. The same can be said for fashion; we get dressed each day wanting to present ourselves to the world in the best light possible while maintaining our individuality. This presentation is primarily expressed through what we wear, and BCG is here to keep your style fly, fresh, creative, and of course, original.” 

Check out our new favorite brand at The fall/winter 2016 line is currently in production and will maintain the high-quality materials and styles as the preceding season and will add a new collection of outerwear – bomber jackets, letterman jackets, and something special for the ladies! Stay tuned!



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