Back out to Spring

Back out to Spring…with a little DIY

April here in DC has not been exactly the warmest of weather. Actually it’s been rather chilly which puts me and my wardrobe in a space between warm and cold. As a cold-natured person, it’s hard for me to figure out what to do on days that have 45 degree mornings and 75 degree evenings. It can be tough deciding if I want to put on a North Face vest at 7:30 am to run my daughter to school or just throw on a light jacket and go on to work so I won’t sweat to death on my commute home. I try not to confuse people with my look, but I absolutely hate being cold in any season. I say this to say, there’s a fine line between looking “winterish”, “summerish”, and “stylish” all at the same time. A fun way to combat this dilemma is a top with sleeves that shows a little skin…from the back.  This look shows that I’m not in the dead of winter, and paired with skinny destroyed denim and bright-colored heels shows that I’m not in the heat of summer either.

Back out to Spring
For this particular low back-out look, I purchased a $10 size small sweatshirt from H&M and cut the back out and then made three cuts. With a measuring tape, I measured the back of the neck of the top and cut 12 inches off, right under the neckband, which I kept in tact. I then cut the sweatshirt diagonally, twice, from each end of the first cut until they met somewhere around 12 inches from the bottom of the hem, basically making a “V” shape.  Then, I ironed the rugged edges of the cut to make them lay flat. After about 5 minutes I had my sexy “it’s spring but I’m not about to freeze” look and was on my way.

I love back-out garments and it’s a style that’s been prevalent for a few seasons now. The backless or semi-backless look has been seen on dresses, jumpers, and tops designed for all seasons. I can’t go full backless because I need my dear old brassiere, but thanks to little fashion secrets like the low back bra converter, I can at least go semi-backless!

What are some things you do in between high and low temps? Do you have any quick DIY tips that you’d like to share? If so, leave them below!

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