April Showers

April Showers… 

April Showers...

This April has stood up to its stereotypical weather pattern by providing us with lots of raindrops in the first half of the month. April showers bring May flowers, but in the midst of dodging raindrops, well nurtured flowers aren’t the first thing that come to mind! This is even more true when the weather is still cold enough for outerwear. Sorry to whomever crafted that lovely poem, but I’m not thinking about May flowers as I grab this raincoat and umbrella. It’s more like…where oh where is my spring?? I’m cold. And wet!

The good news is there are of course, fashion options for this. That’s the awesome thing about fashion, it’s functional for one, and stylish, for two. I like to keep the one and two together for an equation that equals Style Stamped. 🙂  I’m sure this is exactly what Thomas Burberry later discovered after crafting coats for officers in the trenches during the First World War. A coat that’s weatherproof, and fashionable! Burberry  should know best (as his trench coats continue to cost upwards of $2,000 over 100 years later!). During the chillier days of this month I opted for a less costly trench coat (surprise surprise) from The Limited. I admit the weather did not prompt me to buy this coat but I did, in turn, wear it in the rain. Stripes and polka dots get me every time. #WinningInTheRain

It was not only rainy, but extra windy when I wore this coat for the first time. I paired it with a polka dot shirt (of course), white trousers, navy heels, and a coral colored blazer.

I was not totally sure about the blazer color on top of my uniformed blue and white, but it worked. Opting for a variety of blazers in your wardrobe helps break up the usual look and keep it fresh!

As we dive into the middle of spring, here’s a style budget tip…most of the trench coats will be on sale. I got mine for $60. When making your purchase don’t go too trendy as you want the coat to last for years to come, which it will due to the durable material. Also, don’t buy it too small as you want to be comfortable with a suit underneath or layers if needed. Shopping at stores like The Limited are easy because their outerwear runs big so you don’t have to worry too much about a small fit. They also sell petites and tall, and sizes range from XS-XXL. This is usually my go-to store for work.

How do you fashionably manage April showers while waiting for May flowers? Comment below and let us know!

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K.I.S.S. ~ Keep it Style Stamped 

xoxo ~ Yana B.

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    Thanks for the tips! It was chilly again today in New York so spring is not fully here. Gonna try to grab a trench on sale to make it through this transition period!

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