5 Reasons to Say Pleats Please!

A midi pleated skirt is one of those items in your closet you won’t soon get rid of. Instead, you’ll probably keep it on repeat season after season. I mean, how many years have pleats been in existence? Long before you, or I were even born, and….yup, they’re still here! As a more “low” than “high” shopper, I’ll buy clothes from just about anywhere including one of my favorite places to spend useless hours, Target. I went into my local Target for a few travel items a few days ago to pick up sunblock and toiletries and came out with a pleated skirt. How sway?? Those hot pink pleats on their “A New Day” rack called my name. And here we are. And here I am, rocking a midi pleated hot pink skirt from Target. Voila.

This skirt made me excited when I saw it, which reminded me of the 5 reasons we should never give up pleats, especially a pleated midi skirt! Here are my 5 reasons to say “Pleats Please!”

  1. As I mentioned before, a pleated midi skirt will not soon go out of style. It’s a classy seductive twist on the calf-length skirt that you can keep on rotation in your closet when you’re feeling anywhere between boardroom and bored.
  2. It’s made for literally every body type out there. No matter what your body type, you can rock a pleated skirt. If you’re tall, it will drape seamlessly. If you’re short, you can wear heels. If you’re plus size, it elongates you. If you’re slim, it adds volume. Sites like Asos makes it simple to find items for every size and shape.
  3. The colors and patterns are limitless. This skirt can be made from a variety of fabrics and you can find the style in numerous colors, including hot pink! Here are just a few that I found: A Colorblock midi, a teal midi (so cute! I love colors), and an irregular hem midi.
  4. You can rock it in the summer, winter, spring, and fall! Again, reference #1. You won’t waste your money on this! It’s not limited to just one season it Stamps all year round. Yeah.
  5. You can dress it up, or dress it down. Enough said. Sneakers please!

I rocked this “A New Day” skirt two ways. One with a blazer and heels, and the other with sneakers. I kept the crop top (also from Target for $5) with both looks. I added a wrap belt because I’m not a fan of elastic waist-band anything. I think elastic waist bands should be dressed up.

What do you think of pleated skirts? Are they in your closet? Let us know what you think of this look!

Until next time…


xoxo, Yana B.

All photos by Reecie Ford of QT Photography Studio.

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