4 Ways to Wear It: Romper Style

I work in the District of Columbia (D.C.), the Government hub for all things well, Government. 95% of the people in the area have some form of 9 to 5 connection with the United States’ largest employer whether it’s directly or indirectly. Grey and navy suits are in full boring effect Monday though Friday. I refuse to succumb to the boringness of the dress code that blends in with the stone buildings and stoic stiff looks presented by those who could care less about spending most of their waking hours in meetings and on conference calls. I – just – can’t. Staying true to my motto, I have decided who I am and I dress the way I want to live, and none of what I’ve decided equates to looking like a Government employee who gave up on how they look 30 years ago. No ma’am and no sir. I shop for work and after-work clothes in the same Style Stamped spirit and I bring that spirit with me to work errryday. Ask somebody! Sometimes the two wardrobes collide and when they do it’s a creative and fun challenge to make magic with each new look. That’s what I did with this romper; it’s the cutest addition to alll of my wardrobes (yes, I have a few) and I’ll show you how I created four different looks with this one piece!

Style Stamped Jumper This piece comes from a new online boutique named 9 to 5 Blueprint that caters to the career woman like myself. What’s unique about the boutique’s select pieces are the wearable options they provide that extend beyond the work day. Everyone is on a budget so if you can slide a piece back-and-forth between your work and after-work wardrobes that makes for a great reason to purchase it! (I’m always looking for a shopping excuse but I think this is a really good one).  Check out the way I rocked this “What is Cool” Romper which at first glance looks like a dress! There are two parts of this romper’s silhouette that sold me on first glance – the deep-v neckline and the culotte pants.

Now watch me work.

9 To 5

9 to 5 - How We Wear it to Work in DC!

Whether I’m wearing a dress, skirt, or slacks, I rarely go to work without a blazer. Sometimes I “dress down” and wear a sweater instead. I attend numerous meetings daily and work in a very conservative building so without a blazer I feel like I’m almost naked! I’m also fairly busty and no one wants people eyes wandering down where they don’t belong while trying to stay awake in a meeting. I don’t have time for that so I have about 20 blazers on deck at all times, just to make it easier to pick out my outfit in the morning (another shopping excuse, did you catch that?).

Style Stamped 925 Blueprint Jumper10Blazer.Shoes.Romper.Done.

Happy Hour

What to Wear Where: Happy Hour

I don’t know where you’re geographically located and how it is where  you live, but in D.C., Happy Hour is a “thing”. There’s more going on during the week for young professionals than on the weekends! Many Saturday nights have come and gone where hours were spent between my friends and I just looking at each other with nothing to do because they really do go “up on a Tuesday” in D.C. Meanwhile by the time Saturday comes there are not many places for us to go, well nowhere worth mentioning if you’re over 25ish. Moral of the story, leave work on time a few times a month, make your own turn up with friends, and get home early enough to hit the grind in the morning. You’ll be singing “Today was a Good Day” after every HH. Yes, Happy Hour is so institutionalized in D.C. that we’ve shortened it to HH.

Style Stamped 925 Blueprint Jumper21


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Grown Woman Style

High Fashion Shopping Outfit

There are some outfits that I put on when I’m trying to be cute and I’m feeling myself. You know the look you achieve that gives you about 10% more confidence, taking you from zero to one hundred real quick (real quick). I have one accessory that does this for me every time; My wide-brim hat. I have them in a few colors because I don’t like to be in the sun directly because I have Lupus and the sun isn’t my friend (you thought that was going to be another shopping plug..nope!) I recently purchased this white straw hat from H&M and with these fancy Betsey Johnson shoes, you couldn’t tell me a thang honey. Same jumper, different style. I switched out the sash for a belt that coordinated with my shoes and bag. I love the versatility this piece provides!

Style Stamped 925 Blueprint Jumper32


Street Style

Jumper Dress Down

Some people who know me would think this last look is the real me. Between my accent and my attitude, people automatically think that the street look fits my personality best. Being that I’ve known me longer than anyone I’d say this isn’t true. All of these looks are me, and if you subscribe to my blog you know that I have many more looks! Looks on looks on looks. Fashion is my art of choice and the beauty of style is the ability to create or re-create yourself every time you get dressed. The magic of this romper is the fact that it can span across your look of the day, night, or weekend making itself a fashion staple in its own right. I know this particular look is not a predictable one but that’s what makes it Style Stamped. 🙂

Style Stamped 925 Blueprint Jumper38

Chucks.Fitted.Romper.Style Stamped.

I know you want this romper now. Hurry over to 9 to 5 Blueprint and get one or find something else to Stamp your entire Style. You can thank me later.

~ xoxo #StyleStamped #TagYourFab


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  1. 1

    Oh yes ma’am! Love it all! I love rompers. I live shows. Just love it and yes I hate boring. Great job showcasing a clothing item that’s making a welcomed comeback!

  2. 2

    I, too, work in the DC Govt and coming from a private sector, I weep at the way-too-casual work style seen these days. So much so that my co-workers think that I overdress. But, hey, so be it! Not gonna compromise my style and comfort level just to appease others. Nope.

    And let me tell you how one day a friend threw in ‘HH’ in a text message that left me all confused. I was like, huh? When told it was the abbreviation for ‘Happy Hour’, I rolled my eyes so hard. lololol. But, you’re right. DC professionals know how to party hard during the week. Not a game.

    Anywho, great styling looks for the romper. Personal fav is #1.

    • 3

      Thanks Vivi!! I’m laughing at your “HH” because I texted that to someone as well one time and they thought I meant “Haley Hanson” and we were both very confused, and clearly on two different pages! I’m so glad you stopped by! And I love your blog name because I heart print and style too! xoxo

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