Style Stamped Spring Showers!

The past week has brought all types of weather from sun, sleet, rain, and even snow! Given Mother Nature’s unexpected hand we haven’t been able to put away all winter items just yet. This weekend was a prime example; it was cold and rainy the entire time….and yes, we ended the day yesterday with snow!  So I wore layers over a gray dress; gray for a very gray day!

Style Stamped Spring Showers

I really like the color gray as a neutral color.  Starting from a clean palette with a color that matches with anything, it allows for more creativity when crafting an outfit. This knee-length jersey dress from H&M is my new fave – the silhouette is great and the fit is perfect for any shape.  I paired it with a cropped black blazer and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Leche pumps.  I added a chunky gray and turquoise flower necklace also from H&M (in stores only) and I pulled out my J. Crew Double Cloth Symphony Coat in fuchsia in hopes to make a connection to Spring with the bright color. I couldn’t leave home without the most necessary accessory of the day, my umbrella!

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Have a Style Stamped Spring!

Spring is finally here! I was looking forward to go outside this weekend with nothing on my legs, even though it only got up to a mere 45 degrees. It’s Spring and I was excited so I braved the cold in the name of fashion! Don’t act like you’ve never done it before. :)  What did I wear? I grabbed a flouncy lace skirt and a basic tee and layered with a chambray blazer. To update the look to spring, I wore bright orange pumps and a colorful necklace to bring the look to life.  No offense to the common seasonal pastels, but we are all about bright colors this Spring at Style Stamped as we mentioned in our earlier post!

Spring Into Color!

Spring Into Color! by stylestamped 




What makes you most excited about Spring?  We wish you a Style Stamped season! XOXO

Style Stamped Spring Bright!

Spring has arrived…well we will say it’s arrived on the calendar because it is still cold outside! And to go along with the cold there is snow on the ground as it is here in DC.  Nevertheless, we are still in celebration mode because sooner or later the calendar and the weather will have to collide…right? We sure hope so. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the transition!

It’s officially “okay” to bring on the color which for us is a breath of fresh air to get us through these (hopefully) last bit of cold days. It’s not hard to find color in stores this time of year; we see the pastels and whites and floral’s like we do every year. We love pastels, yes, but we are more excited right now about really bright colors…like BRIGHT.  We want to go from cold to hot immediately…with the hottest of color!

Style Stamped Spring Essentials

Midi skirts in all silhouettes are following us from the Winter/Fall season and with good cause.  Pair them with a fun graphic tee and lots of colorful accessories to keep the seasonal transfer trendy, fresh, and new. Add a neutral color sweater or blazer on the colder days or chilly nights.  Bright colors, or neon’s, can be mixed with each other as these colors play off of each other. So don’t worry about being too matchy when mixing brights, just have fun with it!

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Fashion Law Week DC 2014: Intelligent Design Runway Show

When thinking of fashion, law is not something that readily comes to mind….but there are many cases where they go hand in hand. When emerging into the business of fashion, there are issues that can arise  - or issues that can be avoided, if you are familiar with the law. To highlight the relationship between fashion and law, Candace Key founded Fashion Law Week DC in 2011 as a way for lawyers to come together and learn about fashion law through panels, special events, and of course…fashion.


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Style Stamped Featured in Natural Hollywood’s Winter Edition 2014 “The Natural New Yorker”

This month marks’s six month anniversary.

Every day for the past six months has been a blessing; I’ve met some amazing creatives with whom I’ve developed friendships with. What’s even more amazing is that I have reconnected with people that I already knew, but this time on a deeper, more creative and artistic platform.  The spirit of art and creativity is real, and I am grateful as to be a part of that realm.

With that being said, my college friend from many years ago asked me to be a feature in her online natural hair magazine called “Natural Hollywood.” Jennifer Lord has been an avid supporter of Style Stamped since its inception, which means a lot to me because all of what makes Style Stamped work has not been easy. She appreciates the concept of Style Stamped and we have been in constant communication  for the past six months regarding each other’s businesses; having full support of each other’s passion, vision, and dreams as it relates to our artistic purpose. I wrote a post about her within the first few weeks of starting Style Stamped because I wanted my readers to know that there is someone out here bridging the gap between natural hair and good fashion. Therefore, I was honored to be the feature of her Natural Hollywood Winter publication, entitled “The Natural New Yorker” released on February 27, 2014.  Together we brain stormed a theme and the concept was mutual; New York.

New York is who I am and have always been. I am a New Yorker so the thought of being on location in my city brought me chills. All I could think of was a wedding dress. I wanted to show my feelings for the city and show how much I’m married to it; how much I appreciate it and how much of it is who I am. I told Jenn I wanted to be on the Brooklyn Bridge in a wedding dress and blue lipstick. All she responded with was “wow…that sounds hot. Whatever your vision is I know it will be dope.”  I didn’t have a wedding dress nor did I know where to purchase an affordable one for a shoot. But like all of my wardrobe stylist thoughts, I could see what I wanted in my mind before I got the pieces for the look in my hand. I wanted the dress to be an exaggerated Cinderella-like skirt and a long train.  Where was I going to get that from?  As blessings would have it,  I told my mom my vision and she said to me , “Why don’t you use my dress?” My parents got married almost 40 years ago in August, 1974.  After the wedding my grandmother had the dress sealed and it had not been opened in 39 years.  I remember as a kid we were allowed to look at the huge box but not touch it. They told me if I touched the dress it would turn yellow, although there was no real way for me to touch it because it was sealed air-tight. My mom drove six hours to bring me the dress and said “use it.”  I didn’t know what the dress looked like or if it would even fit. I had to really think twice about using this important piece just for a photo shoot. I cracked the box open tried the dress on the night before I left to go to NY. I looked in the mirror and saw the look I’d envisioned coming to life. The dress was special since it came from my mother, who wore it to marry my father. That gave me even more motivation to produce good work. ♥ That is just a snipit of the emotions this shoot, the collaboration, and the joy the past six months has brought in the life of myself, Yana B.

Yana B Style Stamped Brooklyn Bridge
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Style Stamped Event: “KINGdOm Come” Fashion Show

We love it when we can get to know designers and follow them and anticipate a new collection on a personal level. That’s how we feel about Orlando Ortiz, AKA “King O”.  We met King O last August when he debuted to the world his “Project King Experience” and now he has blessed us with his latest collection, “KINGdOm Come.”  The show was an intimate gathering with a lot of art and presence. There were dancers and face paint and fashion.  We were there for the fashion of course. #StyleStamped.

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The last two days of New York Fashion Week featuring Fall 2014 Ready to Wear was filled with fall colors of oranges, golds and amazing designs from top Fashion Houses. Jeremy Scott made varsity wear fuzzy and fashionable mixed with monsters, Chris Gelinas made vintage sexy, and J. Mendel made show stealing outerwear.  Betsey Johnson brought Pretty Woman alive on her runway while Ralph Lauren featured hues of grey’s and white’s in a sexy high-fashion way.  See all of the fashion below as modeled by models of color!

Jeremy Scott

(Photos: Yannis Vlamos)

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New York Fashion Week Day 5 and 6 featured style greats such as Oscar de la Renta, Naeem Khan, Rodarte, Sophie Theallet, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch and others. Check out the beautiful models of color who walked the runway! Featured models are Maria Borges, Riley Montana, Kai Newman, Leomie Anderson, Leila Nda, Ji Hye Park, and Ming Xi. Sequins, texture, plaid and even Star Wars were featured in the runway designs.

Oscar de la Renta

(Photos: Marcus Tondo)

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New York Fashion Week Fall 14: Models of Color on the Runway Day 4

New York Fashion Week Day 4 featured style greats such as Diane von Furstenberg, Ralph Rucci, Opening Ceremony, Vivienne Tam and Porsche Design – yes, the car maker makes clothes also! Check out the beautiful models of color who walked the runway! Featured models are Anais Mali, Binx Walton, Cindy Bruna, Fei Fei Sun, Jourdan Dunn, Maria Borges, Joan Smalls, and Malaika Firth. Burgundy, browns, and golds were the star colors and fur continued to make an appearance as a must-have accessory.

Diane von Furstenberg

(Photos: Yannis Vlamos)

Diane continued her festivities surrounding her 40th Anniversary of her infamous wrap dress with the Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear collection titled Bohemian Wrapsody which featured several models of the famed design on the runway.

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